We’re going crazy here at FV. Crazy with excitement for our summer long Pattern Pop Up! We’ll be open 7 days a week starting on Memorial Day, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. The space will function as a showroom/store for our wares, plus we’ll be doing a few special projects live in the space. We’re also so happy that our new wallpaper designs are officially out in the world. There will be an additional pattern added shortly – plus a brand new colorway of our favorite Flora. Design Week is upon us – don’t forget to pick up a copy of Wendy Goodman’s New York Design Hunting Magazine to get some wallpaper tips and tricks from yours truly. I look very serious in the photo. Don’t mess with PCT of FV. Wallpaper is serious business, folks. Pattern is Best – and don’t you forget it!

Brian is unbelievably good at hand painting letters. Really, just good at lettering in general. Me? Not so much. I get nervous and excited all at once so end up dripping paint everywhere. Good thing we both work at FV together so can divide + conquer according to our strengths.

Front of the shop! It’s a big secret for the moment. You wanna see what’s behind that curtain? You gotta come visit this summer.

New patterns! This is “Folded” in ‘Beach Towel’ – and would look so good in a beach house. It’s printed on white paper using turquoise-ish and gold ink. Although you can’t quite see it in this photo, there’s a really lovely texture due to the fact that it’s a half tone image of stripes. There’s tooth and depth to this one and I’m in love with it.

Stickers on Silver Mylar. Super sexy. Super sexy silver sticker commission.

Sticker chat! Watch Brian and I on CBS Sunday Morning on May 19th. Thanks for coming to our studio, CBS! It was an honor to have you.



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