Pattern Powwow: Alexis Tirado, the queen of colorful

When you first meet Alexis, it’s almost impossible not to fall in love with her. She’s quick to smile and laugh, both of which are infectious. Her bubbly, feel good  energy is non-stop, her jokes are hilarious, and she’s super personable. She works hard and plays hard, is a total go-getter, and happens to be an excellent host as well. I arrived at her apartment and was greeted with a huge hug, smiles, and gluten-free dairy-free cupcakes. It was such a nice surprise, to say the least. We spent an hour or so together chatting, catching up, looking at her amazing sticker collection (!!!!!BFF ALERT!!!!!), and enjoying the heck out of her darling apartment. I left our powwow with a fortune (can’t quite remember it, but was something to the tune of: doing nice things for other people brings total happiness), a bag of Swedish candy for Brian (I ate most of it, whoops), and completely  re-energized by Alexis’ incredible spirit. THANK YOU, Alexis! As Drizzy wrote to you, “You The Best!”

Scroll down to read the interview and see pictures of Alexis’ home. 


What wallpaper pattern did you choose, and why?

I was drawn to the Flora – English Garden pattern because it’s colorful and bright just like me! I also wanted a pattern that permeated happiness and it did exactly that.

What room is the wallpaper in? What mood does it create? How did it change your space?

The wallpaper is in my living room. As soon as you open my apartment door, it’s the first thing you see: this beautiful, bold pattern on my wall. Like many New Yorkers, I’m very busy with my career. So when I open my apartment door in the evening, I feel a sense of happiness and relief. I truly feel at home when I see all these beautiful flowers greeting me! My living room is small (practically the size of a foyer) and there’s not a lot of sun that comes in so the wallpaper helps to make the room cheery and bright. 

What’s your profession? What’s your dream job?

I’m a writer and editor for all things online. Currently, I’m the managing editor for MTV Act (, which is a blog that encourages our audience to take action. We talk about celebs who give back, young people doing incredible things and so much more! I’ve wanted to work at MTV since I was 12 so it’s really amazing that I’m working there now. However, if I could have a dream job it would be to work from home and write novels.

Who or what provides inspiration for you?

My parents are one of my biggest inspirations. They provided a welcoming home with many fun family gatherings filled with incredible food and great conversation. To this day, they still host awesome BBQ’s and holiday dinners. They taught me the power of loving your home inside and out.  To me, a home is more than a place to sleep or watch TV. It’s a sanctuary from the outside world and my parents helped me realize that.

Describe your personal style.

Lots of color and fun! I like to wear accessories that have a story to them. If you tell me that you like my bracelet, I’ll definitely share an interesting tidbit about it. I am always in dresses too. The only time you’ll see me in pants is at the gym. Even in the winter! I love feeling like a woman and dresses do that for me.

Name a few of your favorite artists. Visual, musical, or of the written word.

Prince and Michael Jackson had incredible music that still resonates to this day. They also took fashion risks. Prince has proudly been wearing purple and crop tops for decades now. And don’t even get me started on MJ’s infamous red leather jackets or his penchant for golden epaulettes. They took risks in their music and fashion and it taught me to take risks too – whether it be in my career, love or with my home.

 Describe what you’d look like if you were a wallpaper design.

I would 100% be Flora – English Garden. Perhaps with a pop of neon color!

What do you collect, if anything?

Stickers! It’s one of the reasons I love you guys. When I saw your customized sticker wallpaper, I saw wonderful flashbacks of my childhood come to life! I’ve been collecting stickers since the 80’s — puffy stickers of Michael Jackson, holograms of fishes, Hello Kitty, hearts, rainbows, everything and anything! I love stickers from the past and present.

Name a few of your favorite places in NYC. Places you find inspiration, solace, or fun. Or all of the above!

I live in the East Village. We have beautiful community gardens sprinkled throughout the neighborhood. I love to read a book in there, have a nice lunch with a friend, people and nature watch. It’s a nice place to relax from the hustle and bustle of New York.




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