FV is pushing the envelopes

Too much stuff and two little envelopes.

Envelopes signify so many things: special invitations, secret letters, important documents, *cough* bills *cough*. And while we could send our check to ConEdison in a nice handmade envelope made from our Geodes – Pyrite paper, we’ll just fashion some adorably small envelopes for an upcoming secret event fun.

This paper craft is remarkably simple. You’ll need a pair of scissors, an envelope, a pencil, the paper you’d like to use, and some paper glue (we recommend Talas’s Jade paste).

Start by taking apart an envelope you have already. This will be your template so that you can make an infinite number of envelopes with it.

These are the hands of our wonderful intern, Madeleine!

Trace the envelope template on the backside of the patterned paper, then cut out your tracing. Does it look evenly cut and ready to go? Now you’re ready for folding. Start by folding in the side flaps and creasing where you cut inlays with the envelopes. Next, fold and crease the bottom flap

Now it’s time for your Jade paste! Administer a small amount to the bottom portion of the side flaps, basically where you’ll eventually fold the bottom flap up to stick to the bottom of the side flaps.

Now it’s time for some glue!

Once that’s dry, (or dry enough, if you’re impatient like us) fold and crease the top.

Yea! Now you have an envelope! To seal the envelope, you can use more Jade paste, or copy what we did and use a cute sticker.


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