Studio Visit: Tony Baratta

Yesterday, we visited the studio of the infamous  Tony Baratta. No, not the New York mobster, but the interior designer known for balancing bright colors, patterns and a modern aesthetic.

Tony takes a peak our our newest designs and products.

Tony has two books about his practice, “Diamond Baratta Design,” and “All American,” both of which celebrate his achievements as one-half of Diamond Barrata Design, before his partner, William Diamond, retired in 2012.

“To be a designer, after all of these years, I realize that the one thing you cannot do is get stuck in the same head,” says Baratta. “You always have to be open to change. I realize you have to be true to your own vision and not wait to be inspired by other designers or magazines. Go with what you think. It’s a big world there is always going to be someone who likes what you have to say about design.”

We made sure to take tons of photos of our pattern, “Too Much Stuff,” in Tony’s bathrooms!

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