Pattern Powwow with Krista Nye Schwartz

Image courtesy Rinne Allen.

Midwestern-based Krista Nye Schwartz, one of the brains behind the beautiful textile blog and interior design firm CLOTH & KIND, has had a rich history with pattern. She’s spent time in both India and Brazil, and worked at Condé Nast for a number of years for the magazines Glamour and Vanity Fair. Below she’s graciously shared with us her personal inspirations, her favorite places to go in New York, and what she would be if she were a wallpaper.

What wallpaper pattern did you choose, and why?
Eyelets, because I absolutely love the subtlety of the pattern. No one ever knows that the design is comprised of tons of tiny eyes with luscious lashes until they get up close and personal. I revel in watching people’s reactions as they get nearer and realize what they are looking at.

How does the wallpaper effect the mood of the room it was installed in?
It’s in my kids’ reading room — we call it the ‘quiet room’ (wishful thinking), though it’s anything but! The room is bright, cheerful and whimsical, and the wallpaper plays a huge part in accomplishing that feeling along with the John Robshaw textiles on the windows and bench seat.  It’s a wonderful place to read or play.

What’s your profession? What’s your dream job?
I’m the founder and co-owner of CLOTH & KIND which I run with my killer business partner, Tami Ramsay. We’re a blog, boutique interior design firm and very soon will be launching our online atelier selling one of a kind, vintage, or somehow unique-to-us items that represent our curated view of the world. CLOTH & KIND is my dream job, hands down, no-questions-asked!

Image courtesy Rinne Allen.

Who or what provides inspiration for you?
Small artisan based textile designers and makers (like Seema Krish, Zak + Fox, Clay McLaurin, Walter G, Susan Hable, Tulu and Eskayel to name a few), Pinterest, collaborating with Tami and watching the crazy cool ideas that emerge from us approaching a project together… and not to sound cliche, but inspiration is literally everywhere! I’m always taking snaps of the ittiest of bitty details as I see them in my day to day life. An endless supply of inspiration is just out there waiting to be taken in. It’s all how you see it.

Name a few of your favorite artists. 
Sally King Benedict, Alexis Walter, Cy Twombly, Pink, Antonio Carlos Jobim,, Paulo Coelho, Ernest Hemingway, Rumi.

Describe what you’d look like if you were a wallpaper design. 
I’d be a simple pattern, but with flecks of gold or silver leaf embellishments so that when the light hits it just right, you get an unexpected burst of energy… like Trapezoid or Geodes.

What do you collect, if anything?
Why textiles, of course!

Describe your personal style.
Approachable, with a dash of sophisticated and vintage.

Where do you like to go when you visit New York City? 
Tami and I don’t get there nearly enough, but when we do, we love hitting the Brooklyn Flea, Ochre, John Robshaw, John Derian, Studio Four, L’Aviva Home (appointment only) and Michele Varian… the list could go on and on.

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    You guys rock! Thanks for the cool feature. xx

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