Scenes from London

There are so many excellent things about London. The very available, tactile history of the city itself, the volume of incredible galleries and art, the vintage shops, Kate Middleton. However, my absolute favorite part of being in London is the prolific use of pattern (specifically wallpaper!) that exists in nearly every corner of the city. Being half English seems to have its advantages – at least when traveling with my British dad – we skip the line at customs thanks to his passport, I totally get it when somebody says “do you have a hair bauble?” or “Put your jumper on, Paytie, that lorry is about to splash you,” and (maybe this is just wishful thinking BUT) my brain seems to intuitively know when there’s a great pattern moment nearby. Thank you, pattern-loving English genes. So. Here are some pattern moments from my brief stay in the city of dreams.


A hallway in the unbelievably hospitable, warm, well-decorated Goring hotel.

I cannot be in London and not stop at Liberty. It’s my most favorite place, for obvious pattern reasons.

This was a trinket found at the Victoria and Albert museum, another favorite stop. I went specifically for the Rapid Response Collection show, but had time to kill so stopped by the gift shop to see what prints they had. Then I saw this little gem! How sexy and cool is this? I wish I thought of it for a Department of Decoration party giveaway.

The Goring has the largest private garden in London. It was sunny every day, and this is how I spent the mornings. Coffee on the porch. Cheery striped yellow awning. Perfect.

Pattern is everywhere! Here’s the carpet inside the Gielgud theater.

The Curious Incident of the Dog at Nighttime was  incredible. Are you in London? Do you have deep pockets right now? Go see it. 

More wallpaper! The backs of all the wardrobes at the Goring are papered.

Cozy room. The walls are silk damask, sound proof, and so soft to the touch.

Rule Brittania!

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