Wallpaper Photo Shoot

Rather than continuing to shoot the wallpaper in a traditional way (fake room setting, objets d’art, chairs and lamps for scale) for FV’s fresh new website design, Brian came up with the ingenius idea of shooting the wallpaper as you see below. We spent a weekend in the wilds of Connecticut setting up the fake wall, lighting 40 smoke bombs, throwing paint, and using silly string in front of and on top of our patterns. It was 48 hours of F U N.

Flora in ‘Lacquered Garden’ is shown above. It’s a half tone screen print on white patent vinyl paper. The paper makes this particular colorway of Flora a very smart choice for a bathroom. It’s tough enough to withstand years of steam and durable enough to be scrubbed.

All in Favor in ‘High Five’ looks like texture from far away. Up close, as you can see on All in Favor’s page, the pattern is actually hundreds of tiny hands.

Feather Get Together in ‘Lakshimi’ looked so gorgeous in the sunshine between the turquoise color of the background and the silver ink used on the peacocks.

Full Bloom in ‘Silver Sword.’

Louis Louis in ‘La Galerie des Glaces.’ Named after a very famous hallway in Flat Vernacular’s FAVORITE building, Versailles, La Galerie des Glaces holds true to its namesake. I love its reflective quality.

Beastly Guardians in ‘Pigeon.’ 

Peaks and Valleys in ‘Afternoon.’ Hands courtesy of our amazing and talented interns, Molly Mercer and Kat Stankewicz.

Metropolis in ‘Belgravia.’

Precipice in ‘Vinson Massif.’

Geodes in ‘Pyrite.’  The color of the paper is a beautiful gold/graphite tone that is really reminiscent of pyrite, hence the name of this colorway.

Sketchbook Garden in ‘Pink Eraser.’

Too Much Stuff!

Trapezoid in ‘Night.’

Wave in ‘Golden Hour.’ 

Beau Monde in ‘Smart Set.’

Dandelion Creatures in ‘Sunny Valley.’ The capybaras enjoyed the weekend enormously.

Eyelets in ‘Stare.’

Toile de Derby in ‘Modified Feature.’


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  • 7 October 2012 at 6:33 am // Reply

    Lovely work ,mindblowing images.

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