This week in images: new colors and close encounters

Doesn’t this print look beautiful framed in gold? I want to line an entire room with framed prints hung in a grid.

Oh hey, Tina! Swiss Miss runs one of the best design blogs around. Bumping into her at IKEA on a grey Monday morning made our Monday way less grey Monday-ish. The photo is kind of fuzzy because I broke my iPhone trying to excitedly share news while walking down steps. Bad, bad idea. Poor iPhone is hanging on by a thread.

CAN I KEEP YOU? This is a Toyger. A hybrid cat breed bred to look like miniature tigers.

In light of Halloween, we watched Rosemary’s Baby – which neither Brian nor myself have ever seen. It was a creepy treat and maybe the only movie that I genuinely love Mia Farrow in.

For a press breakfast at our NYC showroom, Studio Four, we unveiled a few new colors of existing patterns including this gorgeous new blue version of Full Bloom (that is also going to be hung in our apartment- that’s how much we both love it).

Brian has been working on lots of new hand drawn type. His website is also newly updated- check it out.

Close encounter.

Yay! Friday! Enjoy the weekend.

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  • 2 November 2012 at 4:10 pm // Reply

    The framed print is so interesting and unique. Very creative, FV!

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