This Week in Images: the storm

This week has been a terrible week for NY, NJ, and CT. FV’s studio was unharmed by the wrath of Sandy, thank whatever gods may be. Our heart goes out to our East Coast friends- and we hope that power, warmth, safety, and normalcy return as soon as possible.

Before Sandy officially touched the East Coast, we went home to help batten down the hatches at my family’s home in Connecticut. I also cleaned out my room + prepared it for wallpapering (see the primer on the walls!), discovering this belt gem in the process. It’s a PTurner original from 2k5. Are they still making these belts on Canal St? If so I want one that says “Pattern.”

New prints are here. This one is my new favorite.

9.30AM on Monday morning, in Greenpoint, before Sandy even hit.

Swans survived the storm.

One positive part about the hurricane: massive amounts of cat cuddling.

The view from the pier in Williamsburg- that dark strip with a few small lights? That’s Manhattan. Yesterday evening.

Have a good, safe weekend.

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