This Week in Images: Time Lost

We’ve Lost some blog Time. Here’s a major visual update, as its been a few weeks since our usual Friday post.

Sticker wallpaper in progress.

We wallpapered our apartment! Here’s Beastly Guardians in “Pigeon” installed in our bedroom.

Eyelashes for a special project.

Sticker wallpapers up close.

Custom wallpaper that we’re calling “Full Bloom Remix” for right now – can’t wait to share the installation pictures.

The original Full Bloom print in new color called “Hydrangea.”

Window display that we did for Chelsea restaurant El Quinto Pino.

Window display we did for La Vara.

Great textural custom wallpaper for a client in Brooklyn. We are beyond excited to see it installed.

Custom holiday cards for my favorite pony enthusiast.

Calligraphy Brian did for our friends at LQQK Studio and Fleur du Mal to celebrate Fleur du Mal at Bergdorf.


And after.

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