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And these are some things I’m currently obsessed with. More posts to follow as I traverse the rounds ¬†of events this weekend. I love so much of what’s out there right now. JACK CRAIG | PVC WATER MAINS HEATED AND PRESSURED ON STONE CHEN CHEN & KAI WILLIAMS | STONE BANGLE – MAUI ROUND EGG COLLECTIVE | HENRY DINING TABLE FORTMAKERS | CANDLESTICK CITY   TOKEN | RECLAIMX2 GLASS COLLAB WITH UHURU LIBBY LANE | V TOTE ALYSE RONAYNE | SCULPTURES & PAINTINGS RO-LU | FOR MONDO CANE MOCIUN |... Read The Rest →

Pattern Powwow: Julia V. Bainbridge

Julia Bainbridge is one heck of a talented lady. She’s an editor at Bon Appetit with a keen talent for discovering and discussing all things tasty, is notorious for her excellent dinner parties, her sense of humor, and just so happens to be a lovely person as well. Her aesthetic sense is one I admire. She’s unafraid to mix patterns, loves color, and is always put together with polish – exuding a kind of understated yet colorful glamour. In my mind, JVB is always walking down a street at golden... Read The Rest →

February & March: WHOA

I think I need to get this tattooed on the inside of my eyelids: UPDATE THE FV BLOG, PAYTON. In lieu of regular updates, I hope you’ve been enjoying our Instagram stream (click here to follow!) which is constantly being updated. February was a hectic month: I spent two weeks as an artist in residence at the University of Western Ontario in London, Canada. My sticker wallpaper was part of an exhibition called “Secret Stash: Accumulation, Hoarding, and the Love of Stuff” curated by Kirsty Robertson. It was an incredible... Read The Rest →

Floralia Kite by Fredericks and Mae

This kite by duo Fredericks and Mae is made out of rice paper with decorative pressed flowers. It’s so beautiful – I want one to frame and hang on my wall. If I do get one I’ll hang it on top of the sticker wallpaper in my living room. Perfect combination. Share → Tweet

Luxury Defined

This morning I had the pleasure of hearing Elle Decor’s Editor in Chief Michael Boodro speak about what the term luxury means today. A term used so frequently that it no longer has meaning, Mr. Boodro observed. The nature of luxury is subjective, inherently changeable. So what does it mean, exactly? Where do people seek it? How do we seek it? Elle Decor attempts to answer these questions via a set of surveys filled out by a host of interior designers signed up on their Designer Registry, while examining what... Read The Rest →

Everest Quilt

  We’re finding inspiration in this handmade quilt depicting people climbing Mount Everest. The inside squares made from triangles are especially nice. Share → Tweet