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FV is pushing the envelopes

Envelopes signify so many things: special invitations, secret letters, important documents, *cough* bills *cough*. And while we could send our check to ConEdison in a nice handmade envelope made from our Geodes – Pyrite paper, we’ll just fashion some adorably small envelopes for an upcoming secret event fun. This paper craft is remarkably simple. You’ll need a pair of scissors, an envelope, a pencil, the paper you’d like to use, and some paper glue (we recommend Talas’s Jade paste). Start by taking apart an envelope you have already. This will... Read The Rest →

Tonight at Urban Outfitters

We will be live painting monograms in honor of the new BAGGU bags for Urban Outfitters. Join us from 6-8 in the UO located at 521 5th Ave NY NY and get your bags personalized.  Share → Tweet

Support Your Small Businesses!

THE HOLIDAYS ARE UPON US. That means it’s time for gifting custom monogrammed bags to your favorite friends. You could also give your mean boss a bag with FUCK YOU PAY ME written on it in a beautiful, non-aggressive script. Totally up to you! Stop by and say hello to us on November 30th. Share → Tweet


  Recently we’ve been interested in extending our patterns and vision to other objects and I’m happy to share with you today that we’ve collaborated with DODOcase  – the San Francisco based premiere maker of book-bound and hand-crafted cases for iPad’s and Tablets – to make three Flat Vernacular patterns available in the Build-A-DODOcase customizer. DODOcase produces in the United States, and are reviving manufacturing using an old artisanal method of making something contemporary, which is right in line with Flat Vernacular’s focus and method of making.  A partnership between... Read The Rest →

February & March: WHOA

I think I need to get this tattooed on the inside of my eyelids: UPDATE THE FV BLOG, PAYTON. In lieu of regular updates, I hope you’ve been enjoying our Instagram stream (click here to follow!) which is constantly being updated. February was a hectic month: I spent two weeks as an artist in residence at the University of Western Ontario in London, Canada. My sticker wallpaper was part of an exhibition called “Secret Stash: Accumulation, Hoarding, and the Love of Stuff” curated by Kirsty Robertson. It was an incredible... Read The Rest →

Photoshoot outtakes

Now for the most fun part of our wallpaper photo shoot: the outtakes! Setting up Trapezoid. Kat and Molly letting off confetti cannons in front of Precipice. Kat and Molly mixed most of the paint we used for throwing. Luckily it’s non-toxic washable kid safe paint, since Kat decided she wanted to try eating some. Just kidding – paint was everywhere. It was nearly impossible not to end up putting some in your mouth. Smoke from the colored smoke bombs lingered in the trees after we set them off. It... Read The Rest →

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