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This week in images: glitter paper and inspirational messages

As I tell people anytime they exclaim to me “Oh! You own your own company! It must be so much fun to draw all day!”  - this is definitely not the case, although it would be great if it was. While I make an effort to pick up a drawing utensil most days, I do spend a lot of time at Flat Vernacular on the computer doing pretty ordinary office work. To combat the fact that I may not spend as much time as I’d like doing visually based creative... Read The Rest →

Elle Decor’s Design Innovators pop up shop

It is an honor to be included in Elle Decor’s Design Innovators pop up shop. I was featured in the publication last year at this time for a wild and wonderful sticker wallpaper project that I did here in Manhattan. The other designers included in the shop were also featured in Elle Decor’s Talent section; and oh boy, what a talented lot they are. I particularly loved the lacquered trays by Billy Cotton. The window display for the shop is on the corner of Third Avenue & 60th Street. See... Read The Rest →

Origins of FV

Paper Walls is a brief documentary about Flat Vernacular’s two founders, Payton Cosell Turner & Brian Kaspr, made by the very talented photographer Lilian Haidar. Shot in the summer of 2011 and completed in 2012. Share → Tweet