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This week in images: new colors and close encounters

Doesn’t this print look beautiful framed in gold? I want to line an entire room with framed prints hung in a grid. Oh hey, Tina! Swiss Miss┬áruns one of the best design blogs around. Bumping into her at IKEA on a grey Monday morning made our Monday way less grey Monday-ish. The photo is kind of fuzzy because I broke my iPhone trying to excitedly share news while walking down steps. Bad, bad idea. Poor iPhone is hanging on by a thread. CAN I KEEP YOU? This is a Toyger.... Read The Rest →

This week in images: All kinds

Maira Kalman spoke at Creative Mornings. I feel ya, Maira. The view from Artist’s Rock in the Catskills. We went camping with friends during the weekend. Being upstate is like putting salve on your eyes- no grey, no dirt- just clean air and beautiful colors. Sunset Rock. Mossy rock pattern. Miniature hot dog cart! Precipice in ‘Vinson Massif’ hung in the kitchen. The room glows. I can’t say it enough: PATTERN MAKES PERFECT!! And finally, a new colorway for Metropolis! Gold ink on cream paper, called ‘San Francisco’ – it... Read The Rest →

This Week in Images: Out and About

A hand painted lampshade. Token’s chairs and table at Lincoln Center. Gorgeous as always. Egg Collective at Lincoln Center. A new furniture company that I LOVE. Pattern for new product. Colors will be changed, though. I’m not so in love with these. I heard Wendy Goodman speak on Thursday morning – she is so wonderfully articulate. I left feeling buoyant, ready to tackle my own design world in my studio. Practice makes perfect. Brian is using the wall in the washout booth to practice his lettering skills. A version of... Read The Rest →

Luxury Defined

This morning I had the pleasure of hearing Elle Decor’s Editor in Chief Michael Boodro speak about what the term luxury means today. A term used so frequently that it no longer has meaning, Mr. Boodro observed. The nature of luxury is subjective, inherently changeable. So what does it mean, exactly? Where do people seek it? How do we seek it? Elle Decor attempts to answer these questions via a set of surveys filled out by a host of interior designers signed up on their Designer Registry, while examining what... Read The Rest →

This Week in Images: Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend and a Brief Respite

These diamonds are a rough draft of something coming to our online store in November. The first room we wallpapered in our apartment is the bathroom! Here’s the very first roll we hung along with the ugliest hook in the world that is officially being changed. Anthropologie’s hooks/door knobs are my most favorite thing to peruse in their store, so this gives me a terrific reason to go rummage around this weekend. A needlepoint pillow that belonged to my grandfather. A sentiment that I love. A hand painted choking victim... Read The Rest →

Photoshoot outtakes

Now for the most fun part of our wallpaper photo shoot: the outtakes! Setting up Trapezoid. Kat and Molly letting off confetti cannons in front of Precipice. Kat and Molly mixed most of the paint we used for throwing. Luckily it’s non-toxic washable kid safe paint, since Kat decided she wanted to try eating some. Just kidding – paint was everywhere. It was nearly impossible not to end up putting some in your mouth. Smoke from the colored smoke bombs lingered in the trees after we set them off. It... Read The Rest →

Wallpaper Photo Shoot

Rather than continuing to shoot the wallpaper in a traditional way (fake room setting, objets d’art, chairs and lamps for scale) for FV’s fresh new website design, Brian came up with the ingenius idea of shooting the wallpaper as you see below. We spent a weekend in the wilds of Connecticut setting up the fake wall, lighting 40 smoke bombs, throwing paint, and using silly string in front of and on top of our patterns. It was 48 hours of F U N. Flora in ‘Lacquered Garden’ is shown above.... Read The Rest →

Everest Quilt

  We’re finding inspiration in this handmade quilt depicting people climbing Mount Everest. The inside squares made from triangles are especially nice. Share → Tweet

Dandelion Creatures

Brian took a trip up to 110th Street today to photograph this splendid, shiny bathroom that used Dandelion Creatures on every wall. One nice thing about this colorway is that it’s rather utilitarian. Each creature is its own tiny mirror that can be very useful if you have to apply lipstick in a hurry and someone is hogging the communal mirror! The silver of the pattern is a silver mylar – very durable for bathroom use. Interior design by Emily Blitzer.   Wallpaper in small bathrooms and powder rooms is... Read The Rest →