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Flat Out: New York Botanical Gardens

When you live in a place as bustling and demanding as New York City, there’s an underlying pressure to be finding constant inspiration; to be involved in a never ending stream of events, opening shows, and opening bands. Unsurprisingly, this exhaustible expectation is less than easy to live up to. How many times have we all heard the saying there’s just not enough time in the day? Each time it resonates as strongly as the last. So we’re pushing ourselves to carve tunnels of time to see more that our... Read The Rest →

Summer Love Seats

The weathers finally gotten warmer, and we can’t get out minds off the outdoors. Which is perhaps why we felt so drawn to the outdoor furniture this year’s ICFF presented us with. Combine that interest with the impending romance of summer nights in the city and Bend‘s wire Love Seat was well-poised to catch our eye. Loveseats have had an interesting history in the world of furniture design. Their Victorian predecessor was the courting bench – a bench meant just for what it’s name details. The shared arms and opposite... Read The Rest →

Striking a Balance

Interior design firm Studio Mcgee achieves a cohesive blend of cool simplicity with splashes of brighter (but not garish) colors along with stronger textures in their recent Utah living room project. FV’s Perennial in Verdant fabric makes an appearance via beautiful, classic pillows on the couch. Personally, I feel really inspired by this room. It mixes shifts in material looks/textures and evident comfort with a pared down color palette. To achieve such a distinct, impactful, yet subtle color scheme doesn’t mean that you have to avoid a bright color  - simply... Read The Rest →

Winter Pattern Wares/Wears

As the weather gets colder, I tend to find myself eagerly drawing the curtains against the dark, relishing coziness I find in my own home via big cashmere sweaters, warm scents, and plush textures underfoot. Below are some things I found myself wishing for on a cold Monday morning – even if perhaps the incredible Mary Katrantzou dresses are more appropriate for a future holiday party.   Mary Katrantzou  Pure Rugs / Cowhide Rug West Elm / Rochester Sofa  xx Payton

Chandon X FV

What do I love MOST about the impending holiday season? DECORATING. Duh! Tinsel, holly, ribbons, glitter, paper. I mean, come on! Who doesn’t love a little sparkly newness, a little tasty tradition, a little cozy festivity in the home? It makes me sweaty with joy just thinking about it. Yep, I sweat when I’m excited. It’s weird. Here’s another little something that makes me nearly faint with sweaty happiness: the set of festive, fancy cocktail napkins that I designed for the fabulous sparkling wine company, Chandon. It’s such a treat to... Read The Rest →

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