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At Flat Vernacular we strive to provide a wide range of thoughtful colorways. However, we understand that sometimes our standard colorways don’t play nicely with your preferred color schemes. Thus we offer the option to customize any of our current patterns to match your décor. You can choose colors from our other patterns, or you can ask us to color match anything from your space. We have matched paint colors, fabrics, carpets, leaves, tiles, stained glass, and everything in between. The process is easier than you may think, and the cost per roll is typically exactly the same as the prices listed on our website. Below are a few guidelines to help you understand what is involved. The sky is truly the limit, if you have a crazy idea let us know!

Set Up

$250 per colorway

-This includes a strike off for color approval. Each colorway requires a set up fee, and a strike off for approval.

Roll Costs

Cost is the same as the production roll price. Our pricing structure is:

First color – $125 per roll
Each additional color is $25 per roll.

Minimum order requirements

Custom colorways require a minimum of 15 rolls.

Want to order less? No problem! Orders less than the minimum will be subject to a fee for each roll that is less than the minimum.

Contact us with your ideas!

A few other things you should know

We require physical swatches to color match.

Once you have your colors chosen we will produce a strike off (a sample) for you to approve.

The set up fee is non-refundable

The set up fee covers most of our patterns, however, patterns with more colors may be subject to additional fees.

If special inks or grounds are used (such as metallic ink or vinyl paper), the rolls may be subject to additional fees. These fees are typically no greater than $20 per roll.

That’s it! Really! Contact us (info@flatvernacular.com) and let’s get started.

Do you want special colors AND a unique pattern? We have you covered. View our Custom Pattern page for more information.

Prices and minimums are subject to change. We reserve the right to put any custom colorways into production. Exclusive colorways are possible.