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Custom wallpapers are Flat Vernacular’s specialty. We love to design them, and our clients have as much fun as we do. There is nothing quite like the challenge of creating an entirely unique wall covering for a space.
“Custom” means two different things at FV. If you love one of our wallpapers, but the colors are all wrong for your space, changing colors to meet your needs is the simplest form of customization. We can match paint, fabric, floors, cobalt glass, animal hides, or your favorite pot roast. Anything you choose, we can make the match happen.

Do you covet wallpaper made with sequins? Glitter? Images of your kids, your dog or cat, or all three? Colors only a gerbil can see? The instrument you play, your favorite books, or apple pie and Mom? If you dream it, we can create it. Or, we can dream for you. Show us the space, share some ideas, and we’ll do the design. That’s the second meaning of “Custom” at Flat Vernacular. Distinctive, one of a kind, designed- only- for- you wallpapers. The possibilities are truly endless.

If you have a concept that you would like realized, please contact us. Custom projects require a consultation before any work can begin.


Once you’ve decided to order an existing Flat Vernacular wallpaper, but would prefer different colors, a custom colorway sample must be printed with your color choices. You must approve the color sample before your order can be printed.
Custom colors require a minimum order. The number of rolls per order is based on the number of colors necessary to create your custom wallpaper.

One to four colors have a 12 roll minimum order.
Five and six colors have a 15 roll minimum order.
Seven and more colors have a 25 roll minimum order.

Please note that the cost per roll for custom colors is the same as the retail price listed on the website for stock colors.

Special inks, such as metallics, or special backgrounds, such as vinyl, are subject to additional fees.

That’s more or less it! Contact us and we can get started.

All prices and minimums are subject to change.


The unique, one of a kind wallpaper designed just for you, your office, or your business, begins with a personal consultation to discuss concept, space, design motif and colors. The need for further meetings in person will depend on the size and scope of the project.

We will work with your designs or create designs based on your concepts, preferences, and themes. Please contact us to schedule a consultation.