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Below you will find answers to all of your questions. If you are still concerned, please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you are looking for specific questions regarding store policies and returns visit the Store Policies page. If you are looking for specific questions regarding hanging wallpaper, visit the Hanging Wallpaper page.

How do you make your wallpaper?

Most of our papers are printed by hand. The process we use is called screen printing. We also have a few papers that are digitally printed.

Where is Flat Vernacular’s wallpaper made?

All of our products are made in the USA.

How much wallpaper do I need?

We recommend asking your paper hanger for an estimate. We are happy to provide you/them with pattern repeat measurements. Also feel free to Contact us and we can give you a ballpark figure. We are not responsible for the quantity ordered.

How do you package your rolls?

Our papers come packaged as double and triple rolls when possible. That is 30 or 45 continuous feet of pattern to allow for the least amount of waste.

Are your papers suitable for a hospitality/commercial environment?

We can coat any of our papers with a vinyl coating that gives them the same serviceability as Type 2 papers. We can also print any of our patterns on vinyl. Type 2 coatings are available with a fire/flame certificate.

Will you turn this drawing/design/doodle/photo/poster/etc. into wallpaper for me?

No. We are sorry, but we are not a print studio. We only print patterns that we have designed.

Can you recreate/copy/reproduce etc. this other wallpaper pattern?

See above.

Can you print this wallpaper that XYZ company doesn’t make anymore?

No, we do not own the copyrights to other’s patterns, and it doesn’t matter if the company no longer exsists.

What types of inks do you use?

Our digital papers are printed with latex based inks. Our hand printed papers are printed with solvent based inks.

That sounds scary, why solvents?

Solvent based inks are more durable and more beautiful.

Isn’t that bad for the environment?

All of our inks are made in the USA. The waste is also recycled rather than washed down the drain, a common practice with water-based inks.

Can you make me something special?

Of course! View our Custom, and Special Projects pages.

Can you make this in a different color?

We would love to make any of our papers in any color you like. View our Custom Colorways page.

What is an aglet?

An aglet is the plastic thing on the end of shoelaces.

Do you hang wallpaper?

No, we leave that to the professionals.

Then who should hang my beautiful paper?

We recommend finding a paper hanger on the National Guild of Paper Hanger’s website. They’re the best.

I rent, what should I do?

Go for it anyway! Landlords love pattern too. With the right paste, and liner paper your paper will be easily removed. Alternatively, we sell all of our patterns as 27″ by 40″ sheets to be framed.

Can you print your wallpapers on that reusable paper?

No. The truth is that that stuff isn’t reusable.

Is wallpaper good for a bathroom/kitchen?

Yes it is! If you’re really worried we can print any of our patterns on a vinyl ground, and even coat it with a extremely durable vinyl coating.

Do you offer trade discounts?

Yes of course! Our standard is a 20% discount for orders of 5 rolls or more. We require a resale certificate and a business card to prove that you’re the real deal. Please contact us.