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Imagine wallpaper created with thousands of stickers applied by hand to create a space where every panel on the walls is a work of art in itself, and every design is unique. Our sticker wallpapers raise the meaning of “custom” to a new level of art and design. Whether it’s flowers or animals, pop culture or sports, or an intricate blend of multiple themes, sticker wallpaper makes a statement like no other.

The size, colors, shape of the sticker design, theme, and the complexity of the pattern are the factors to consider when choosing to commission sticker wallpaper. Please remember that our intuition and expertise are the basic tools of the sticker design process. The finished product will reflect this.

Sticker wallpaper is always finished with a clear coat of satin vinyl, to protect and seal the design before they are shipped. This coating is scrubbable, and has the serviceability of Type 2 wallpaper.

Sticker wallpaper is hung exactly the same way as regular wallpaper. No special treatment is needed.

Sticker wallpapers require a consultation, as do all custom wallpapers. Please contact us to begin the process.

Alternatively we have some pre-made Sticker Wallpaper for sale on this page.


Flat Vernacular also creates individual sticker pieces of any size, color and theme as a complement, or alternative, to our sticker wallpaper. Each is signed by the artist, and is one of a kind.

The cost of the piece is determined by the size and complexity of the design.

Please contact us if you wish to commission a framed piece.