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The Layers Project was born out of our love for and devotion to hand printing. Hand printing allows us to play with interesting inks, colors, and pattern arrangements that are simply not possible with digital mediums. While we were experimenting with the medium, a beautiful texture and pattern started emerging as we would mix elements from different patterns together. Once we began taking this experiment seriously, we found ourselves standing before a gorgeous, textural, atmospheric, unique, and altogether new wall covering.

We at Flat Vernacular are big fans of giving our clients the unique and special wallpaper they were dreaming of. The Layers Project is no different, and we want to share it with the world. Clients who opt for this approach can pick and choose patterns and parts of patterns, new imagery, as well as colors, to create an entirely new type of wall covering. Every time The Layers Project is printed it is entirely unique. Below are a few examples of Layers Projects that we have done in the past.

The Layers Project is another example of Flat Vernacular’s special projects. Just like any other project, such as custom patterns or the Sticker Wallpaper, a consultation must be held before any work can begin. If The Layers Project is right up your alley please contact us, we cannot wait to work with you.

Click these links to view a few rolls that we have done in the past -

La PlataWildflowersRock Garden - Gilded GardenPeacockCoastline