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Relief -Chocolate Covered Strawberry Wallpaper
Relief - Macaron Wallpaper
Relief - Occasion Wallpaper
Relief - Philodendron Wallpaper


"... I declare my own color of the year when Pantone’s color isn’t the vibe."

Explore Flat Vernacular's new artist-focused design series, Flatmates. Featuring original designs created in collaboration with artists we have long admired, our newest design by artist Zach Horst is titled “Urban Legend.” Based on a fable from their home state of Texas, Horst's Risograph-inspired bookshelf pattern is the perfect addition to any history, herstory, and design-loving home.

Design is our Art

Established in 2010, Flat Vernacular is inspired in part by childhood memories of standout wallcoverings, and each original design blends a modern sensibility with traces of nostalgia. FV’s made-to-order creations are engineered to impress at first—and second, and third—glance, because when it comes to matters of decoration, “pattern makes perfect” is the motto.

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