"I love the ocean and fish are my favorite sea creature to draw."

Explore Flat Vernacular's new artist-focused design series, Flatmates. Featuring original designs created in collaboration with artists we have long admired, our newest design by artist (and multi-hyphenate) Dana Veraldi is titled “Fish Fish.” To be immersed in Dana Veraldi’s work is to consider communion, what hands have touched materials: food or pencil or shutter button, and how those materials draw us closer to the people who matter in our lives.

Design is our Art

Established in 2010, Flat Vernacular is inspired in part by childhood memories of standout wallcoverings, and each original design blends a modern sensibility with traces of nostalgia. FV’s made-to-order creations are engineered to impress at first—and second, and third—glance, because when it comes to matters of decoration, “pattern makes perfect” is the motto.

FV Studio & Showroom

28 Knight Street
Norwalk, CT

Showroom visits welcome. Please give us a ring prior to arrival.

Both to the trade and the public.

Mon - Fri 10am - 5pm


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