Pattern makes perfect.


Venn - Barbara Wallpaper
Venn - Shapeshift Wallpaper
Drape - Nightlight Wallpaper
Lane - Cucumber Wallpaper


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I see limbs as poetry in motion, all the time.

We are thrilled to introduce Flat Vernacular's new artist-focused design series, Flatmates. Featuring original designs created in collaboration with artists we have long admired, our inaugural design by artist Michael Hentz is titled “Color Movements.” With Hentz's signature style at the forefront, "Color Movements" is an homage to his love for abstraction and collage.

Design is our Art

Established in 2010, Flat Vernacular is inspired in part by childhood memories of standout wallcoverings, and each original design blends a modern sensibility with traces of nostalgia. FV’s made-to-order creations are engineered to impress at first—and second, and third—glance, because when it comes to matters of decoration, “pattern makes perfect” is the motto.

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