A March Mood

Get in the Garden

Is it still freezing where you are? I don't care. It's time to don sixteen layers of sweaters and get outside no matter how chilly the wind wants you to feel. Below you'll discover the things we're in the mood for as March goes out like a lamb.

1). The. Best. Cherries. A pop of mouth sunshine.

2). Love these Ann Mashburn buckle flats. Gingham is perpetually applicable to the beginning of picnic season.

3). FV CEO Payton loves Beatrix Potter. If you've ever read her books as a child, it's time to learn more about the person behind Hunca Munca, the fierce bad rabbit, and all those roly poly puddings. For more book recommendations, don't forget to read our latest Top Shelf!

4). Freshly picked Irene Neuwirth. 

5). Are you a tea person? Turns out our studio is filled with tea people. We all want this teapot.

6). Icelandic landscape and figurative painter Louisa Matthiasdottir uses remarkable planes of color to describe space. We love her work.

7). One of the sixteen sweaters you'll need to wear before spring is actually here in earnest.

8). A fresh, green scent with undertones of surprisingly lush, smokey fig. 

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