A Mood for January

We're in the mood for


1). An indispensable guide for those who wish to create a wide range of incredibly scrumptious beverages sans alcohol. 

2). Since it's dark and cold on the East Coast, I'm turning my phone off and spending time with games I've always wanted to learn but for whatever reason, haven't yet. Mah Jong is top of my list for 2022!

3). A dark bath bomb for inky winter nights. Perhaps save for a full moon bath.

4). My current favorite hot sauce discovered via Alpen Pantry. If you go (lucky you!) to Alpen, try "The Diller" which is my current favorite sandwich.

5). Well, we're still in a pandemic, so here's a really good air purifier. We use it in our studio.

6). If you're a fan of palo santo and environmentally conscious manufacturing, this is the perfect shower gel for you. The warm scent reminds me of walking through Ojai at the height of pixie tangerine season.

7). A great gift for yourself or a friend. Economy Candy's Candycare Movie Night package. Shipping is free and candy is delightful.

8). I'm not sure this sweater would look very good on my person at this current moment in my body's history, but it looks so fluffy and cozy I want it anyway. If I were you, I'd probably buy it.


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