A Very FV Gift Guide

The whole FV crew got together to share some of our favorite local businesses and lovely gift ideas! We hope you find something inspiring. Happy holidays from all of us.

A Very Ash Holiday sent from Minneapolis, MN

Ash is FV's indispensible graphic designer! She also designs for herself and other businesses.

1). The Sioux Chef's Indigenous Kitchen by Sean Sherman - Sean Sherman is a James Beard winning Chef and owner of the best Minneapolis restaurant, Owamni! I would buy his book from our favorite local indigenous book store "Birchbark Books" and gift it to my foodie friends. Birchbark has a lot of amazing titles and gifts other than this book specifically, that can all be ordered online!

2). I'm still waiting for Bella (tattoo artist, textile artist, mom, kick ass human) to open their custom scarf orders (her knit projects are EVERYTHING).

3). Support local artists! Like  Emma Le Konrad. I would buy her recent patterned pieces like the striped bowl or patterned mugs! They make my heart sing and all my friends deserve to eat cereal out of the finest pottery.

4). Lindsey is a queer painter whose work revolves lots around queer identities. I like their use of symbolism and messaging. 

5). Moglea stationery - I specifically love these color block notepads. I am a lover of notebooks, paper and pens so I think anything paper related makes a great gift. I have lots of notepads laying around so I can write down whatever pops into my head! I prefer these "open face" notepads for quick thoughts or morning notes to Christian!

6). FISK anything! I want everything in their store! 


A Very Danielle Holiday sent from Manhattan, New York 

Danielle writes FV copy, interviews, and more! She is an excellent writer, creative coach, and author. 

1). The folks at Scent Bar NYC are so kind and helpful, and it's heavenly to be in there amongst all the good-smelling things. There's a shop in NYC, and two in LA, and you can also order all sorts of samples online at Lucky Scent. I have my eye on Tobacco Rose by Papillon Artisan Perfumes, and recently I bought Masque Milano's Lost Alice, which I adore. I'm dying to get my hands on their discovery set and try the rest of the line, and I've had my eye on Anat Fritz's Classical for some time, too.

2). I discovered Big Night after interviewing Stacey Mei Yan Fong for Flat Vernacular (she manages the Brooklyn outpost of the shop). It was the perfect place to pick up some host gifts, all of which went over really well (of all the things, our hosts really loved these salt disks for pasta; we had all been skeptical but they're now hooked!). For our home, I bought a small salt bowl that I think makes the best little gift. It's so pretty that I get a little jolt of pleasure every time I use it. I'm a fan of small bowls for everything: clips and erasers on my desk, jewelry on my dresser, so can see these serving purposes beyond salt.

3). Not only does the Feast candle at Salem's Hauswitch smell like a night with good company, it's also a secret spell for abundance. I haven't had a dud candle from Hauswitch's line, and also am deeply in love with both The Witches and The Furies candles, both of which have wooden wicks that are as close to having a crackling fireplace as I get in a NYC apartment. If you're shopping for a bath-loving pal, I recommend any of the Erin's Apothecary Bath Salts.

4). One of my favorite bookstores to browse is NYC's Three Lives & Company, and while there's no online shop (it is that old school!), I recommend heading into your local bookstore to find a book to keep someone you love company, or shopping through Bookshop.org, which allows you to select your local (or far-flung local!) bookstore. Some of my favorite reads this year have been Julie Phillips' The Baby on the Fire Escape, Sarah Polley's Run Towards the Danger, and K. Patrick's Mrs. S.

A Very Brian Holiday sent from Norwalk, CT

Brian is the co-founder of Flat Vernacular, an artist, and a designer. He handles all things production, patterning and creative works, plus crazy ideas at FV.

1). You can't purchase directly on their site, but if you find yourself in North Adams definitely stop by Berkshire Cider and get some apple cider champagne or pet nat for your holiday hostess gifts. 

2). My closet is full of Pentimento. He uses vintage and deadstock materials to create well crafted truly unique pieces. I love this jacket.

3). There's nothing better than seeing art in real life. Buying a membership to a favorite institution is truly the gift that keeps on giving, both for the recipient and also the institution.

4). If you know someone who loves vinyl you're bound to find something special at Numero Group. Check out their endless Spotify playlists if you don't believe me (the x-mas one is v good). 

5). My brother got me this subscription last year as a gift. I was skeptical of frozen coffee concentrate, but it really is so so good. I ended up supplementing the subscription with one of my own because we drink that much of it. 

6). I want this beanie, it's an interesting take on something so common.

7). I love the ritual of lighting incense at home. It has become the signifier of "relaxing time". P.F. Candle makes the best I've found.


A Very Claire Holiday sent from New York, NY

Claire is FV's marketing director! She is the small business owner of Half Shell, a marketing genius, and the person who makes Brian's craziest ideas seem pretty tame.

1). This is my FAVORITE store in all of New York. The sisters behind Greenwich Letterpress are creative geniuses, and I love going there to stock up on all sorts of cards along with other trinkets.

2). I am a big fan of Etsy creators and small shops that create interesting merch. I find they’re always infinitely more interesting than official merch (though it is important to make sure you shop licensed product!). I’m loving MC Studios right now for t-shirts from one of my favorite book series, Fourth Wing!

3). Juniper Books is the BEST for interesting editions of your favorites. I love their Louisa May Alcott collection and the designs they’ve done for Harry Potter

4). I saw this holiday candle in an article Nancy Meyers’ daughter did around her favorite holiday decor. I’ve been dreaming of how it smells ever since!

5). I am deep into Fourth Wing right now with the release of the second book, and I absolutely need a Basgiath tee to lounge around in.

6). My all time favorite small business is actually a small charitable organization, The Kita Center formerly Camp Kita. They are an organization focused around mental health awareness and healing for children, teens, and now older individuals who have lost a loved one to suicide. 

7). I just think this is so cute for holiday beverages!!

8). This scarf has been on my Christmas list for two years now, and I think it was worth the wait now that they have solid color versions.

A Very Jon Holiday sent from Norwalk, CT & Manhattan, NY

Jon is FV's studio manager! If you've emailed us, he is the one who cares for you from start to finish. He is also a hugely talented musician and educator.

1). I am a big pickle fan and found these at a shop in Mystic, CT. The adorable name drew me in, and boy are these pickles amazing! The perfect amount of zest to pair with a burger or eat on their own as a snack—lovingly made at Brecknock Orchard, a family-owned farm in Pennsylvania.

2). I first went to Crêpes Choupette when it opened down the street from me in New Haven and was thrilled when they opened another location in Darien near my family. They have delicious savory and sweet crepes and my favorite hot chocolate around!

3). Argosy is one of my favorite bookstores to visit because you’ll always find something surprising. It’s a lovingly kept place, family owned for three generations, and they have a great selection of old prints and books of all kinds.

A Very Payton Holiday sent from Norwalk, CT

Payton is the co-founder and co-creative director of FV. She's also an artist and the person who puts these posts together 98% of the time. 

1). I have a pair of these Carel boots in white patent leather that I love more than any other boot I've ever owned. My white ones need to be retired, so it's time for a new pair

2). Neighborhood bookstores are my favorite places to shop for everyone on my list! Barrett Bookstore is my regular haunt. As usual, I want too many books, but Claire Keegan's new book So Late in the Day, The Story of Art Without Men by Katy Hessel, and The Art of Colour by Kelly Grovier are three top runners.

3). I would love one of Leah Joo's paintings.  

4). This perfectly grouchy sweatshirt from Flamingo Estate X Sesame Street is that little special something to turn rotten days around.

5). Nosing around antique malls is an excellent way to find surprising and delightful gifts for everyone. The Stratford Antique Center and the Fairfield County Antique and Design Center are two of my local haunts. I always look for interesting trinkets to give as hostess gifts! A dog bottle opener for the dog lover, a match striker and matches for the candle lover, an interesting ceramic for the collector.

6). A very specific watercolor palette is a great gift. I'd give it to an artist friend with a small list of funny yet simple things to paint if they happen to hit a creative block. Kremer Pigments is one of my favorite places to shop for paint supplies.

7). There's nothing better than a meal out with friends. I'd love to treat my pals to an evening at Kawa Ni in Westport or The Tavern at Graybarns in Norwalk.

8). I'd love a year of Criterion Collection streaming. A nice gift for so many kinds of people. The gift of art and storytelling is one that lasts longer than the holiday season!

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