Design Minded: Layers + Lines

Molly Bevan & Kim Blankenburg

of Layers + Lines

Molly Bevan and Kim Blankenburg of Layers and Lines design studio. They are sitting together on a loveseat, smiling, wearing jeans and blazers.

 Meet the designers behind Layers + Lines, a design firm focused on clean, comfortable, warm, and beautiful spaces.

Flat Vernacular: How would you describe your style?

Layers+ Lines: Our philosophy is that everyone can live their real lives in a beautifully designed environment that is a reflection of who they are. We create designs to be truly lived in that are clean, comfortable, warm and beautiful and that feel good. Our hope is that our clients feel completely at home in their homes, safe and comfortable and inspired, surrounded by beauty and reminders of what is important to them.

Ultimately, the aesthetic of any of our designs comes from the cues we get from our clients. These can translate into big ideas as well as special details throughout their home. We are not hired to dictate any particular style, rather to really listen to and explore ideas with our clients and help them develop a style of their own. Our desire is simply to articulate what our clients envision for their homes and guide them toward directions they may not have ventured had they tackled the design themselves.

Finally, the name of our firm, Layers + Lines is a reflection of our aesthetic. We like to say that Kim is the layers to Molly’s lines — our individual design ideas complement each other so well. Molly sometimes pulls me back and I sometimes push her forward, and in doing so our designs end up right where they should be. Essentially, we believe in starting with clean lines as the foundation and then thoughtfully layering pieces, patterns and textures so a space feels curated and custom and tells a story, always with careful consideration for function. Timeless, expressive designs are what we love to create — sometimes they are restrained and sometimes they are not. 

FV: Where do you find everyday inspiration?

LL: Both of us have a true love of textiles and are always inspired by new textile designers who are bringing something beautifully unique to the world through color, pattern and texture. Fabrics often become the starting point of our design concepts.

Molly: I look at Etsy A LOT for vintage ideas and have my local Denver guy, Midcentury Mike, who finds the most beautiful pieces that inspire some of our designs. Also, Instagram, of course. I love Gideon Mendelson’s work and artist #evelynackerman, a mid-century California artist who made some of the most amazing textiles, wood carvings, etc.

Kim: Art is a big inspiration for me. I love works by Ana Zanic and Suchitra Mattai, and am in awe of Afton Love, Marsha Robinson, Jordan Casteel and Alyson Kahn. Growing up in Arizona, I have also found I am gravitating toward the colors and textures of the desert landscape. And then there is Instagram. 

FV: What’s currently inspiring you?

LL: India Hicks’ wedding posts where the setting was simple and lush at the same time; elegant, but not precious. It felt so real with nature being the most prominent design element. We are also endlessly inspired by anything designed by General Assembly out of Brooklyn. Admiring their work makes us want to get inside the spaces they’ve created and live there. We are also paying attention to typeface design right now. Some of it takes your breath away.

FV: Which design trends are you most excited about right now?

LL: If there is one positive thing that has come out of the pandemic supply chain issues, it’s the move to utilize even more vintage pieces and local makers' work, which is happening all over the design community. From a design and sustainability perspective, it’s a win-win.

FV: A design piece you’re currently coveting?

LL: The tarnished bronze Bonnie pendant light from Ovature Studios in Sweden. The design was inspired by the Saffron flower and to us it is a perfect light fixture in its sculptural quality and purity of materials. 

FV: What’s a design item you can’t live without?

LL: The perfect coffee table. We think Lawson-Fenning’s Ojai table is one of them

FV: Best piece of design advice?

LL: Collect what you love over time. Those pieces are the ones that will make you the happiest and most content no matter how well-designed your rooms are.

FV: What’s your favorite piece from Flat Vernacular?

LL: Right now, it has to be the Balance wallpaper, which we just used in Marine on the ceiling of a client’s study. It is soothing and has a lot of depth in the way the patterns are layered — it’s almost like being underwater. We are now eyeing it in Ore as well as the Sonia paper in Cocoa. Sonia is so rich and warm and just the right amount of groovy. Amazing!

FV: Favorite book?

LL: This is a rotating answer depending on recent reads. Just finished two books that we both loved: Crying in H Mart by Michelle Zauner and The Copenhagen Trilogy by Tove Ditlevsen.

FV: Favorite color?

LL: Terracottas and creamy greens. And white!

FV: Favorite cocktail?

LL: Very into aperitifs right now. Cocchi Americano and soda on ice is so refreshing and light. 

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