Dream Home

Dream Home; acrylic, spray paint, house paint, suburban home, 2022. 

by Brian Kaspr

"Dream Home was a family home in Rowayton, Connecticut, painted over four days before it was destroyed over three to make way for a new home build. That experience is gone.

These remaining pieces of Dream Home are nods to a moment that cannot be re-experienced, their hanging wires and rough edges clues for what can never be fully returned to the artwork. Are these pieces souvenirs of that experience? Relics? Monuments? And is this act of removal from their larger context one of salvage, preservation, or simply further transformation, the inherent energy of artmaking?"

On View: November 10th - 30th 2022
Opening Reception on Thursday November 10th, 5-8 PM 
at Colony, 324 Canal Street NY NY.

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