In the Mood: April 2023

 1). I'm forever on a quest to find the perfect workwear for studio days. These StanRay pants might fit the bill. 

2). I attended this year's Design for Freedom Summit at Grace Farms to continue my education about how to provide better manufacturing and material practices. Not only do they have great events like the summit, Grace Farms has their own line of sustainable teas which are delicious. I'm an avid tea drinker, and these teas really fit the bill in terms of flavor and quality. This chamomile citrus is perfect.

3). Since April is all about collage in our studio, I thought I'd share what is unequivocally the best pair of scissors I've ever owned. 

4). A delightful Pistachio card from our friends at Catbird.

5). When I'm not in workwear or a linen sack, I would like to be wearing this Ciao Lucia dress this summer.

6). What could be better than collaging with old Seventeen magazines?

7). A very good album

Payton Turner

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