In the Mood: March 2023

An image mood board for March 2023 comprised of a camera for kids, a leather bag, perfume, a blue shirt, a glass pitcher, a coffee subscription box, and a playlist.

1). I bought this cool camera for our almost three-year-old's birthday in April. He always asks to take photos with my point and shoot, so now he can take tons of photos without asking me first!

2). Brian is bringing back a special bag lettering workshop! BYOB(ag). There are two dates to choose from! You'll leave with your very own monogram AND a freshly painted bag. Make sure to bring a real leather bag––the paint doesn't work on plastic surfaces. 

3). I smelled this perfume when I ducked into Maison 10 a few weeks ago. It hit all the right notes I've been looking for: vetiver, spicy. It also smells like "heiress with a charge account at Zitomer" which is quite a personality. I'd like to try on that personality. 

4). This shirt looks really nice. I want a pale blue shirt with a collar. I like my shirts baggy. I like that it's made to order. Let me know if you buy one!

5). I want water. I want icy, mouth-numbing water. I want to put this freezing cold water in this pitcher and put the pitcher on a cute tray with cute glasses and a pretty stack of napkins on my studio kitchen counter. I should probably buy this pitcher. Am I trying to create a physical "water cooler" in our office? Maybe. I'll let you know if the gossip is good.

6). These frozen coffee pods from Cometeer are the best thing to recently come into my life. Each one is a single cup of coffee. They're super fresh and easy to prepare. 

7). I am perpetually suggesting music from Numero Group. Why stop now? This one is very good for those of us (all of us) hurting from the sting of inflation: a free playlist called SKYMALL. Throw it on in your office, listen to it on your commute, a great one for reading or writing with sounds, a nice companion for shopping. A+ playlist. 

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