In the Mood: New Year, New Stuff

1). A new year really can mean a fresh start that isn't too pressured. One of our internal goals this year is to stick to a rigid schedule of new release deadlines, which is sometimes difficult when you could talk about possible color combinations for decades. We love these monthly planners made by German company Leuchttrum. Durable and the paper possesses a lovely quality. 

2). Target collaborations are second to none in terms of who they choose and what they make. The new collab with the quilters of Gee's Bend features really excellent soft goods in honor of Black History Month and the incredible art form and practice that is hugely important to America's cultural and visual history. I bought this amazing quilted coat. Learn more about Gee's Bend. 

3). I really love anything woven. Friendship bracelets, fabric, baskets, bags, furniture. This bag is no exception. Also, if you'd like to hear the basketweaving cheer I learned at sleepaway camp (yep, I chose basketweaving as one of my activities) just give the office a call and I'll chant it for you.

4). I swear by Ralph Lauren's towels. They stay soft (without fabric softener) and I want my bath towels as soft as can be. I also appreciate that these towels are called the Payton collection. An excellent name choice. No bias in the making of this blog post.

5). There is nothing that says A Fresh Start quite like a new set of paints. Look at these colors! I stopped by Choosing Keeping last week while in London and it was incredibly tough to not buy every single thing they stock. It's a beautiful shop worth a stop.

6). I like these M. Gemi shoes a lot. I think nearly every month showcases a pair of shoes I'm eyeing but I can't help it. I love shoes and my current closet desperately needs an update. Heels are a pain but these ones look small enough, yet dainty enough, to add a little height and elegance to an outfit.

7). Well, I'm either in painting/studio clothes or gowns. The in-between is a visual puzzle that I find quite difficult. I've always felt more comfortable in longer high necked dresses than I do in less formal looks. Spotify agrees with me: my nightly AI playlist is titled "19th century Victorian nostalgia" or "light academia royalcore" (I really don't know what that means). Bernadette makes such great clothing if you prefer such things.

8). We just launched some lovely new printed linen fabrics. This one is probably my favorite: "Bea" in the navy, eggplant, and ochre colorway 'Regent's Park.'

Payton Turner

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