Invitation Only

It's officially time to move the party inside. How will you make guests feel welcome during the season of cozy entertaining? Here's how we're planning our parties.


Planning an activity ahead of time helps guests find new ways to connect not only with other guests, but also with themselves. We think people are seeking genuine connection especially after the past few years. Why not create a thoughtful way for guests feel connected and inspired? We like to offer a toast, or read an excerpt from a poem or book that will inspire conversation, while giving guests a moment to be quiet with themselves and settle in for a good time. Counter toasts and additional excerpts are always welcome! Any simple activity that feels somewhat out of the ordinary, playful, or mindful creates a fulfilling event.


Temperatures too hot or too cold can easily ruin an evening. Temperature is also an overlooked detail if you tend to feel pretty comfortable in most temperatures. Same with furniture sizes, styles, and cushions! Offer solutions for  temperature types and different body types. Both are vital for overall guest comfort. It's also important to make sure you have good ventilation for reasons we're all tired of listing but must list nonetheless. Also, who wants to deal with contracting even a harmless cold?! Nobody. Fresh air, comfortable seating for different bodies, proper air flow, and soft blankets or guest slippers in a handy nearby basket are always a good idea.


Alongside temperature, lighting is a major key to setting the mood for any kind of entertainment. Think about the myriad kinds of lighting your favorite musician uses during their performances. It's typically different and nuanced for each song, enhancing the mood or message behind the music. We love to set low lights at different levels for gathering around our dining table or living room, adding candlelight and limited picture lighting to highlight interesting areas of the room.


Creating a menu not only makes your shopping and prep easier, it makes your guests feel taken care of. A written menu is a fun way to include a theme, style, or nod to the overall atmosphere. Keep in mind some of your guests' preferences and play to your strengths. Making Palomas for your guests? Why not try making an inventive version of one that doesn't include tequila? Here's a wonderful book for making, as it's titled, Good Drinks.


It doesn't have to be expensive or extravagant. If you batched a cocktail for your guests, send them home with a tiny bottle to enjoy another time. If you have a garden, send guests home with herbs or flowers tied with a pretty bow. Easy and effortless, but a thoughtful and memorable gesture. Make sure they sign your guestbook, too!

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