Top Shelf: Beach Reads

Beach Reads = Anything You Read on the Beach. 

I enjoyed Prep years ago, so decided to take out Curtis Sittenfeld's newest book from the library. I'm glad I did! It's a fun read. Enjoyable, speedy, and funny, with a very satisfying happy ending. 

I picked up a copy of this book because I'm generally an introvert who also wants to better connect with people in meaningful ways, and I'm curious about ideas for creating stronger, vibrant, and open communities. Community is vital. My body and mind physically hurt when I feel disconnected or cut off from a sense of community, even though I really am an introvert. I found this book transformative. Highly recommend!

Admittedly, this is on my list for one of my remaining August weekends. I love the Messy Nessy Chic blog and am sure this edition of their Don't Be A Tourist guide will be excellent. 

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