Flat Rate Wallpaper and Installation

One click to a new space!

Wallpaper plus installation all for one amazing price.

FV takes the guesswork and hassle out of estimating and hiring, sending you a qualified paperhanging professional with enough FV wallpaper of your choice to get the job done perfectly. No estimating, no missed shipments, and no mystery installers. Now the hardest decision you'll have to make is what pattern and where to put it! 

Currently only available NYC, Westchester County, and Fairfield County areas. 

Apart from your wallpaper pattern choice, we will need your wall measurements to calculate the area. Costs and wallpaper quantities are based on these measurements so please answer accurately! Choose the size based on the square footage of the wall(s) you are covering (do not subtract for doors or windows). All Flat Vernacular wallpaper is automatically included in this price.

  • 60-200 sq ft - $2995
  • 201-300 sq ft - $4495
  • 301-400 sq ft - $5995
  • 401-500 sq ft - $7495
  • 501-600 sq ft - $8995
  • 601 and up - Contact us for a quote

This service covers wallpaper and installation but does not include priming or any wall preparation or repairs. Walls and rooms must be ready for installation. These prices do not include ceilings or stairwells, additional fees will apply for these spaces.