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Say It With Stuff

The gift giving season is upon us, and we've created an amazing opportunity to give the gift of being seen/heard/appreciated in the form of art! Commission your very own version of Too Much Stuff!

Step One: Choose between two options: a Printed Illustration OR an Original Painting

Step Two: Pick how many items you'd like Payton to include: 3, 6, or 9! Yes, the items can really be anything - you can send a photograph of a particular glove, tell her you'd like a brown hat of some kind, a crinkled bag of name brand potato chips, the Empire State building, etc!

DETAILS! These are made to order just for YOU by Payton, the artist and illustrator behind many of FV's patterns. Payton needs the time to actually make the piece itself. Even if you don’t know what items you want just yet - reserve your spot in her limited queue.

There are limited spots for both options. Prices do not include frames. Please contact us if you'd like your piece framed.

Printed Illustration

$185 for print of three objects, $295 for six objects, and $449 for nine objects. 

Original Painting

$395 for three items; $595 for six items; $795 for nine items (only one spot available). You must provide item selections prior to November 15th so Payton has enough time to paint the originals.

All orders must be placed by December 9th. All domestic orders will ship by December 15th with 3-day shipping. All orders are final at the time of purchase. No exceptions.

We have run out of stock for this item.

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