April Mood


We're hungry this month. We'd like to eat at Edith's and follow the meal with a nice bar of not-too-sweet candy. We want to wear lightweight jackets that feel fun yet sensible. We'd like a very special pink gem. We are thinking about the various April holidays coming up and how to celebrate together, in nontraditional and traditional ways. Most importantly, we're thinking about Luminaria, a wonderful Mother's Day event hosted by empowerHER that provides support and space for girls who have lost their mothers.

1). A peony for your garden.

2). A jacket that will make you smile despite chilly April wind.

3). Gigantic! candy bars.

4). Get the Edith and some fries.

5). Support grieving girls by purchasing a bag for empowerHER's Luminaria Mother's Day event.

6). Candlestick holder

7). A pretty gem, a beautiful story.

8). Classic! Bunny pillows.


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