At Home With Sidney Bensimon

Romy's Room

Photographer and new mom Sidney Bensimon invited FV into her beautiful Maine home to see how she used our wallpaper in daughter Romy's bedroom. In turn, FV asked her a few questions about the room and some of her favorite things. See below for the interview!

All photography courtesy of Sidney Bensimon.


Flat Vernacular: Tell us a little bit about the room you wallpapered.

Sidney Bensimon: The room used to be our guest room / office and we decided to turn it into our baby girl's room. It always felt awkwardly big and almost unfinished but the wallpaper made it warm, cozy and purposeful. 

FV: Why did you choose this particular print?

SB: The wallpaper we picked felt light and not too busy but interesting and timeless. The room also has a view of our garden that has wildflowers and tea plants, so we felt like it was really fitting. 

FV: How would you describe your personal style?

SB: I am not sure but I would say somewhat minimal and Parisian (since that is where I am from) but I love a pop of color in a neutral environment. 

FV: What does your home say about you?

SB: I like laying down!

FV: Where do you find inspiration?

SB: I find my inspiration in nature, or Pinterest.

FV: Do you have a favorite color?

SB: I really like Ochre and Lavender. But I love all colors.

FV: What are you most looking forward to about the change in season and the slow approach of a brand new year?

SB: I am really looking forward to having Christmas with my baby and at Stella house, both a first!


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