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How to Stock a Drinks Cabinet

for those who typically enjoy booze

When Brian isn't busy with designing murals, patterns, and painting, he's probably hosting a small cocktail party. 

Welcome to Brian's guide for creating the perfect guest-ready liquor cabinet. All the crowd pleasing favorites are present, but a few wild cards are thrown in for the enjoyment of any inventive cocktail maker. If you have these simple ingredients on hand at all times, a few surprise guests will always find something they can enjoy. 


"First things first, if you don’t already have them: please gather your favorite classic spirits and place them in your new drinks cabinet/shelf/bar cart/corner, etc.

I’d personally recommend the following items: Tito's vodka, Whiskey (Redemption for cocktails, Michter's for sipping), Tuck gin, rum (Gosling's dark rum or Diplomatico), tequila (Teremana anejo and blanco). 

Now, you need the basic mixers. Below are my personal favorites:
Sweet and dry vermouth (LowFi or Vya)
Simple syrup or agave for a sweetener
Good olive brine
Bitters (we have several kinds and flavors, but Fee Brothers is great)
Citrus (limes, lemons, grapefruit)
Club Soda
Tonic (Fever Tree is top notch)
Triple Sec
Really good cherries!

Now for my favorite wildcards:
Batavia Arrack (It’s tiki ketchup! Put it in any tiki drink and it tastes like a day in the sun)
Select Aperitivo Liqueur (similar to Campari, slightly less bitter with a greater depth of flavor)
LowFi Amaro
Sherry - Amontillado

Don't forget good glassware! Charming accents like vintage swizzle sticks, cocktail napkins never hurt. 

When you have all the basic building blocks of classic drinks as listed above, you can insert other things as you find them. Enjoy!" 


Payton Turner

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