November Mood

Let's Hear It For the Grays

November. A polarizing month! I happen to love it. Give me the gray skies, the kickstart of the American holiday season, and the time to take detailed, daily inventory of everything we are grateful for. This month, I’m inspired by beautiful items that are both wonderful for hosting people and finding joy in everyday moments, and different foundations that offer support to all who need it.

1). Wavy couch

I love this cutie. I’d upholster it in a deep mustard velvet with pink piping. The design looks conducive to curling up towards a friend, elbows resting comfortably on the dips of the scallop wave, chatting about whatever comes to mind. 

2). Goldie Turmeric Latte

The perfect antidote for a cold morning. It peps me up! Turmeric is incredibly beneficial for health, too.

3). Person to Person 

A wonderful organization local to Norwalk and the surrounding areas. We all need help sometimes.

4). The Diaper Bank 

It’s really difficult to be a new parent. Becoming a new parent without consistent or adequate resources for the many (many!!!) costs of a small child is impossible. Diapers are unbelievably expensive, and they are not covered by WIC or SNAP benefits. Diapers provided by Medicaid are wonderful, but not everyone who needs a little extra help is eligible for Medicaid. Please consider supporting a diaper bank near you.

5). The Loveland Foundation

Mental health for women of color and Black women and girls is vital. Supporting the opportunity for healing is a necessity.

6). Olive Oil

Whether for a hostess gift or your own table, you can't go wrong with Beverly's olive oil.

7). Napkin Rings

This shade of green is versatile for almost any kind of seasonal tablescape. I can see them used with gold accents for fall, white and cream for winter, pink for spring, sky blue for summer.

8). Sweater for Izzy

A cozy, adorable sweater for my son to wear for our family Thanksgiving dinner. Wee Mondine is a local CT shop that offers tons of beautiful things for children, moms, and homes. 

9). Chappaquiddick Wood Bowl

An ideal serving bowl for a Thanksgiving tablescape. Elegant, durable, and made out of wood from fallen trees in Martha's Vineyard. Each one is one of a kind! A terrific gift, too.

Let us know what you're in the mood for this month!


Payton Turner

YUM, the best turmeric! Does that tiny sweater come in an adult size? I want it! I love this post, and it’s mix of tangible goods and foundations we can contribute to.

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