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Our team is here to help you with all your wallpaper, fabric, and decoration decisions, but we're also thrilled to share our opinions about what you should give to friends, family, and yourself for the holidays! See below for all our small business favorites this year.

Francesca loves:

1). Na Nin Dark Neroli & Lotus Flower Incense Cones.
These smell like taking a walk in a foggy mysterious park in your best leather trench, having a seat on a bench looking at a pond watching the lotus flowers float along. Also they are handmade which is pretty cool!

2). Janie Korn Candles
If you ever said to yourself 'omg I want a handmade candle of a kewpie mayo bottle' Janie Korn Candles are for you. They are made to order, and one of a kind. Almost too cool to burn.

Ooey gooey glass rings that are handmade and one of a kind. No one will have one like yours. Tiny opals are encapsulated into glass, and when the sun reflects off you get a boost of serotonin. Want something bigger to hold your jewels and gems? Get a galaxy blob!

4). Not too long ago I was walking down the block and literally smelled the best bread I have ever smelled in my entire life. I looked up and saw beautiful loaves stacked in a window. It was very old school, felt like I was in a movie. I removed myself from that movie and googled the bread. That's the day I was introduced to APT2 bread! Hand made using the best ingredients, and dropped from the window right into your bread loving hands. 

The cutest greeting card you could ever give to someone *or to yourself* - A ceramic cat, dog or rabbit made of pure porcelain with a white matte glaze. Inside each sculpture is a rolled up card illustrated and printed. 

6). Even Keel Apothecary & Soap House
Amalfi Soap feels like what laying on a cloud must feel like. Made of French Rose and Kaolin, Lavender, cedarwood & Petitgrain. Instantly relaxing and super hydrating now that we are in the cold and dry months. They are gentle enough to use on your face but luxurious enough for the hands or body. All handmade in En's Studio in Brooklyn!

The distillery was founded by two friends in Brooklyn. Taking from their collection of herbs, roots, and barks, leaves and flowers, fruits and seeds Forthave was born. No artificial filtering agents or artificial colors, and USDA organically certified. The most delicious holiday spirits that make you feel warm and fuzzy. 

Made with foraged black walnuts and is my go-to nightcap. On its own after a good meal, but the pro-tip is to pour it over the richest vanilla ice cream you can find. Thank me later! 

Carly loves:

1). P.F. Candles The scents are very natural and fresh,  no sickly sweet cinnamon bun scented overload in my house! The scent lasts a long time too, so a little goes a long way! My favorite is Pinõn, which has a light smoky pine scent, perfect for the holidays or year-round.

2). Saraswati's Yoga Joint is my favorite local yoga spot.  The teachers are top-notch and it's a very friendly community. Also, the floor is heated, so goodbye winter chill, hello mat. 

3). Parlor Pizza was a passion project of local fine-dining chef Tim LaBant but has become now a local favorite! His Neopolitan style pizzas are delish and his casual, yet classy establishments are beloved by families and foodies. He has expanded to two locations, and now a pizza truck thanks to the support of his community during the pandemic!

4). Support your local theaters! You don't have to go all the way to NYC to see a fabulous show! Many local theaters do Christmas shows which are a great outing for the holidays. Your ticket purchase helps these theaters do year-round productions as well as provide education in the arts for children and adults. Catch Curtain Call's Cinderella, join in the cabaret at Ridgefield Theatre Barn's Piano Bar-n or (shameless plug), bring the kids to The Santa Story, a children's show I'm happy to be a part of, at Bridgeport's historic Downton Cabaret Theatre!

5). Support your local farms! This is a reminder to join your local CSA. Traditionally, CSAs were created to help farmers bring in the money to support the upcoming season. By purchasing your CSA now in the winter months, you not only guarantee your spot, but you also provide the farmers with the financial support they need to ensure they can purchase seed, plan crops, buy necessary equipment, and come up with new and exciting options for the spring! Laurel Glen farm in Shelton is owned by young farmers Randy and Victoria Rogowski, and has been in the family for several generations. On this historic land they run an amazing CSA, are always experimenting in growing new and interesting crops, and even send out weekly recipes, host workshops, and encourage friendly baking/cooking competitions amongst its members. Eat well and support agriculture and land preservation by giving the gift of a CSA membership!

6). NovellaCurio by Tiffani Ortiz. She's an amazing chef who is super creative and curious. She's always experimenting, and making stuff based on the places she travels and lives. She's also a guest chef at restaurants around the country. Try her soap!

Brian loves:

1). 1420 Distillery
A local Norwalk distillery. There are so many amazing producers of a wide variety of spirits in your own backyard. The next time you visit somewhere new, do a quick search for a local distillery. A visit to one is great for getting a taste of local flavor.

2). CrftSrvc
Craft Service is a new project for my brother Steven. He has spent the past year curating a one of a kind selection of vinyl, toys, design objects, art, and books. Check out his website, or if you're in Portland, OR, he's popping up in person at Baerlic Brewery through January.

3). Kawa Ni
One of my favorite local restaurants, Kawa Ni serves up delicious Japanese food alongside delicious cocktails. Restaurants are still hurting from the pandemic and need our support. A gift certificate for a meal out is a wonderful thing to give and receive.

4). Makers Mess in LA
A great place to learn new things and support art and artists.

5). Framings of Armonk
Framings of Armonk is the best local framer. Owner Judy's skills and eye are unparalleled. I love her ideas for how things should be framed. She's superb! Your art is in the best hands at Framings.

6). Pentimento
My favorite clothing designer. I own several of his designs and love them all so much.

 Payton loves:

1). Friedlander Furniture Sam is a talented architect and furniture designer. He built the table in our showroom, and I can't wait to have more of his designs in my home. His knowledge and appreciation for craft, along with his attention to detail and unique ideas, make him the ideal partner and resource for any and all furniture projects.

2). Barrett Bookstore My favorite local bookshop with terrific booksellers and a great selection. I go once a week to chitchat with Yvette and Page and see what's out on their wonderfully curated tables. Everyone who works there is pleasant, warm, and offers helpful suggestions. Their bookshelves and recommendations are diverse in every way and I so appreciate that.

3). Ashley Lemkpa Interior Design Ashley has helped refine and redesign interiors for years, and I so appreciate her insight, original ideas, and genuine love for her projects. Her knowledge about materials is impressive, and I'm always wowed by her ability to shape space through simple changes. 

4). The Traveling Trainers I have worked with Gina over the past 5 years and cannot say enough good things about her. She's extremely sensitive about my various injuries, and super knowledgable about how best to approach and balance getting a really great workout without hurting myself! Working out with Gina is always an uplifting, fun, and positive experience. I always leave feeling empowered and proud, never ashamed or embarrassed.

5). Tapley Jewelry Elizabeth designs and makes beautiful, original jewelry in NYC that will last for years to come, stylistically and materially. I love her organic and playful sensibilities. I have my eye on her Carlini bracelet.

6). Case for Making makes the most beautiful palettes and paints. The store is full of perfect gifts for yourself or a fellow creative person.

7). These embroidered pillows from CSAO make me happy. I love the mix of patterns and textures.

 Share your favorites with us! Leave a comment or send us an email. It makes our day when we learn about other small businesses.

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