Cardigans, cigarettes, and color

In the Mood for Hockney

Are you wondering how to add a dose of Hockney-inspired ephemera to your daily life? Us, too. Here's what we found on our internet search:

1. Hockney's look often includes a cardigan. Try this classic-but-fun charmer from Kule.

2. FV's Seaspray fabric will add a splash of pool-inspired chroma to your home.

3. Every artist (whether established or budding) needs a sketchbook. These ones have paper appropriate for mixed media.

4. What could be more apropos than a sculpture of the artist's glasses?

5. Lounge by the pool in this sunny spaghetti chair from MoMA.

6. A sterling silver cigarette case is a nod to history which makes sense in the present. Use it for your sticker collection or your Dunhill's.

7. Appropriate for both studio wear and country clubs, these one-of-a-kind woven cane pants by Pentimento pay homage to the art of making things by hand.

Payton Turner

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