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"I love creation more than life, and I must express myself before disappearing." - Sonia Delaunay

Flat Vernacular is pleased to present our newest wallpaper patterns: Odeon and Sonia!  While working on this collection, we kept two goals in mind for both patterns: creating fresh, large-scale hard-edge geometric patterns that still feel soft and textural despite size and edges, and using a palette that included darker shades of unexpected colors.

Odeon is inspired in part by the lines and shapes found in the iconic original Art Deco Odeon theater in London, England. 
Isn't it beautiful? Sadly, the theater no longer has leopard print seats, and some of the ceiling detail was removed during the 1998 remodel.

"Odeon" is currently available in three colorways: Stonewashed, Antique Brass, and Oiled Steel
"Sonia" is inspired by the shapes of avant-garde artist Sonia Delaunay employed in much of her artistic career, which includes a wide range of both art and design work. The fact that much of her work translates seamlessly from clothing to painting to rugs to objects is particularly fascinating to FV and directly relates to our own methodology. Delaunay's flexibility, curiosity, and versatility makes us excited to continue our own explorations into new mediums and modes of expression.

Sonia Delaunay explored Orphism: a cubist interpretation of shape and brilliant colors influenced by Fauvism.

"The history of modernism was set down in the 1950s, a difficult decade for women, and it was written by masculinist fogeys. The contribution of women has been ignored, especially where a woman’s work moved fluidly between art and design." - Kathleen Jamie for The Guardian

"Sonia" is currently available in four distinct colorways: Juniper, Viscay, California Fog, and Cocoa

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