A Conversation with Carmit Oron


Introducing Interior Designer Carmit Oron

Carmit Oron has always been drawn to beautiful spaces and textiles, even as a child. Over the years she's developed a variety of skills from designing custom children's bedding to learning how to upholster and restore furniture. After using those skills to remodel her own home, Carmit decided to launch her interior design business. We caught up with the California resident to take a peek into her mind of design.

Image of a kitchen decorated with greens and bronze details.

Flat Vernacular: How would you describe your style?

Carmit Oron: My style is classic and timeless, but also whimsical which is expressed through textures and patterns. For the basic “canvas” of my designs I gravitate towards natural materials such as marble, cement, linen, and brass. And then to add warmth, depth, and interest, I like to add handmade tiles, wallpapers, and textiles.

FV: Where do you find everyday inspiration?

CO: For inspiration I turn to nature and the outdoors. I love visiting old houses in search of creative ways to combine old things with a more contemporary style. Worldwide travel opens my eyes to a myriad of styles too. Morocco, Paris, and New York are always inspirational.

FV: What’s currently inspiring you? 

CO: Mixing old and new - it can be tricky sometimes. When overdone it can feel “grandmotherly” so it’s important to hit that sweet spot for the best balance. I adore natural materials, like marble and stone, so visiting a slab warehouse feels like being in Disneyland - it’s that exciting to me. Other times, inspiration may start with a very small tile sample. Mostly, I draw inspiration from my clients and their homes. I believe that the best designs find ways to work harmoniously with the bones of the house. And I make sure to be mindful of my clients’ lifestyles and tastes, rather than impose my own upon their spaces. 

Detail photo of a kitchen table in front of a window decorated with green and bronze elements.

FV: Which design trends are you most excited about right now?

CO: I love curvaceous furniture and curved construction shapes. While I enjoy implementing curves in vanities, kitchen islands, and furniture selection, I try not to follow the trendiest styles of the day. Keeping designs classic by means of natural materials such as marble, stone, and using polished nickel finishes, assures that spaces become timeless and forever fashionable.

FV: A design piece you’re currently coveting?

CO: Oh, there are so many design pieces that I covet, but my priority is to maintain my merry marriage, haha. Since seeing new furniture and art is something that I do almost daily, I keep wanting to buy beautiful things for my home - it could be vintage art, a beautiful quilt, or a unique hand-built ceramic piece - I want it all.

FV: What’s a design item you can’t live without? 

CO: Art, textiles, and plants. Lots and lots of plants. I like vintage oil paintings on canvas, and Indian textiles for pillows and quilts. 

FV: Best piece of design advice? 

CO: If, after you’ve taken a good look at a designer’s portfolio, you choose to hire her, listen to what she has to say and trust her selection and design. From experience, when my clients trust me I am able to be super creative and both the process and the result are  much more enjoyable for everyone. 

FV: What’s your favorite piece from Flat Vernacular? 

CO: I love (Meadow, Heliotrope and Perennial, Lichen) from Flat Vernacular and I’ve used them in two of my projects. Both are unique, both feature depth of color and textile, and both are full of character. 

FV: Favorite book?

CO: I love reading design books. One of my favorites is “Made for Living” By Amber Lewis.

FV: Favorite color?

CO: Deep Teal, because it combines green and blue hues.

FV: Favorite cocktail?

CO: It’s called “Hummingbird” and it contains vodka, bergamot, basil, lemon, and soda.

Flat Vernacular's wallpaper Perennial in the color way Lichen, a sage green floral pattern. Placed in front of the wallpaper is a red bouquet in a metal pot.

This feature highlights Flat Vernacular's wallpaper Perennial in the color way Lichen.

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