Design Minded: Batya Stepelman


Batya Stepelman is such a friendly, warm, knowledgeable professional in the pattern and design sphere. If you're lucky enough to receive an email from her, it will feel like opening a little ray of sunshine on your computer. Batya is the owner and founder of Colorado based showroom and design studio Wall Tawk. FV asks her some of our favorite questions. We hope you enjoy them!

Flat Vernacular: How would you describe your style?

Batya Stepelman: Modern meets historic...with colors that are mostly blue, green, lavender and earth tone.

FV: Where do you find everyday inspiration?

BS: Nature (and the seasons).

FV: What’s currently inspiring you?

BS: Wallpaper design, my garden, and the landscape of Colorado.

FV: Which design trends are you most excited about right now?

BS: Investing in pieces with longevity in mind. I hope there's a move away from the disposable.

FV: A design piece you’re currently coveting?

BS: Camaleonda sofa by Mario Bellini. Or really just a very comfy and modular section.

FV: What’s a design item you can’t live without?

BS: Wallpaper and good lighting!

FV: Best piece of design advice?

BS: Save for investment pieces that have meaning and you won't tire of them.

FV: What’s your favorite piece from Flat Vernacular?

BS: Nimbo (I have it in my own home!).

FV: Favorite book?

BS: A Confederacy of Dunces, Americanah and A History of Love (I'm the worst at picking favorites).

FV: Favorite color?

BS: Blue.

FV: Favorite cocktail?

BS: A tie between Bee's Knees and a Southside.



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