May Mood: Taking Care

Every so often I look in the mirror and see a scraggly ghost staring back at me. Her hair isn't brushed, she's wearing a two day old shirt, and there's a smidge of sad lingering around her mouth. Whenever she appears, I know it's time to take some extra care of my body, mind, and spirit. I saw her at the beginning of May, so that's the theme of this month's mood board. I amped up my sunscreen use, cleaned the house after months of being hermetically sealed against the winter chill, and got my hands in the garden. I'm also embracing the full color spectrum with our Dondi mural, a fabulous vintage floral suit, making flowers and brightly colored sculptures out of papier-mâché (pics coming soon!), and the best CSA in Fairfield County. It's easy to feel cheery when surrounded by color, delicious food, good smells, and beautiful weather.

1). This is my favorite serum to use at night and after time spent in my garden. It's wonderfully moisturizing, smells lovely, and leaves my skin feeling and looking soft and dewy. I catch myself sniffing my hands after using it, wondering why my they smell so good, then eventually remembering that it's thanks to Garden Apothecary's Higher Ground.

2). Mike's Organic has the best CSA around. Not only is the produce always super fresh but it's not week after week of zucchini: they switch up the contents on a weekly basis. Included in the CSA is a bunch of recipes that call for what's included in that week's box. Helpful and delicious. They also deliver straight to your doorstep!

3). We all need this. Obviously. 

4). My favorite sunscreen. It doesn't sting my eyes or melt off my face.

5). Every gardener needs a clog.

6). Non-toxic, heavy duty, excellent at removing scuzz from particularly scuzzy pans.

7). We're on the brink of finally releasing all new patterns that we've been sitting on since November, but until then, I seem to want Dondi everywhere. We just used Astral Blue for our mudroom and I'm considering using Dondi in the adjacent kitchen.

8). Papier-mâché has become my favorite way to spend time on a meditative creative task that doesn't require much heavy lifting in terms of technique or brain power. Elmer's Glue, newspaper, and masking tape magic.

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