In the Mood: June 2023

1). We are madly in love with our brand new collaborative wallpaper made with artist Zach Horst. Read more about it here.

2). Tomato season is around the bend. We're planting Pink Tiger tomatoes this summer. 

3). An ideal umbrella. If you can't go to Italy this summer, bring the Italy to you

4). My mother had a smaller version of one of these knives that a friend gifted her in the 70's. I gave her the large format version a few years ago after searching high and low on Etsy. It's a great bread knife.

5). I have really enjoyed following the author for a few years now on Instagram, so was thrilled to learn that she published a book. Ajiri Aki is stylish, inventive, classy, and super cool. Pick up a copy for yourself (also makes a great hostess gift!).

6). My tabletop seems to be nothing but stripes and florals. I'd like to add some veggies to the mix this year.

7). Not every meal can be a fresh produce-filled affair. In a hurry but want some decent nutrients inside your body? Try these. Toddler and tired toddler mom approved. 

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