Late December Feelings


To close out this wild year, here are some things we're currently coveting. See you in 2022!

1). This amazing turntable is designed by Brian Eno. It's beautiful.

2). My favorite planner usually sells out in record time but they still have some in stock right now!

3). I've talked about my sensitive skin before and I'll do it again! This Weleda cream is super rich and perhaps my ultimate moisturizer. I put it on my most sensitive, chapped, and eczema-ridden winter skin before bed and wake up with no more sensitivity, pain, or itch. It doesn't cure eczema but it helps mine a lot. Highly recommend it.

4). Oh boy, this boot. I want it to be 2002, and I want to be J. Lo. I see both in this boot, so I want this boot. The end.

5). One of my favorite pieces of jewelry which brings me joy whenever I wear it. Catbird also donates $10 from each sale to the Women's Prison Association.

6). Is it weird to want an old fashioned radio? I don't care. I want one. There are versions which have Bluetooth, but I like the idea of plunking this cutie on my kitchen counter and listening to WFUV or NPR while I cook without the potential of harassment via my electronic tether (cellphone).

7). A refreshing, light tea fragrance that doesn't fade quickly.

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