Warm Tones

I tend to see in new ways whenever I create a mood board in FV's studio. The mood board method is helpful when figuring out new patterns inspired by multiple drawings, paintings, and color swatches, and equally so when looking at our current wallpaper and fabric choices in new combinations. We always like to help clients create harmonious schemes, and this is my favorite way to get out of my common pattern combination suggestion rut.

Our newest versions of classic wallpaper pattern "Perseid" are gorgeous shades of terracotta and burnt orange. Pairing orange 'Calliope' with this soft raspberry velvet reminded me of the palette Hilma af Klimt used in her painting "Group IV, The Ten Largest, No. 4, Youth.", which is why I snuck a sliver of blue into this arrangement. 

I tend to use 3-4 colors in any room that I'm decorating, with 1 of the colors as a dominant force in the room. The most important thing to remember when choosing colors and patterns is that light will interact with color/pattern in multiple ways, the time of day will shift your emotions and the way you see color at any given moment, your eyes will want to move through a space with ease and interest in what they notice, and nobody experiences color and shape the way you do. Choose whatever colors you love. It's likely to change over the years, but isn't that the best part of living? We all change, grow, and shift. Like color in the light.

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