At Home with Payton: Transition Time

Bye, Summer.

With cooler weather coming on, it’s the perfect time to get cozy in the kitchen. Although it’s not quite time for my favorite heavy cold-weather stews, I’ve been making a few light cream-based soups that satisfy my desire to cook filling but healthy meals. This vegan broccoli soup from The New York Times cooking section is one of my current favorites. It feels like a transitional outfit, you know? Served with hunks of fresh baguette and softened butter with a dash of garlic salt, it’s a satisfyingly savory but not super heavy meal. If I have more time, I’ll slice a baguette longways, slather it in olive oil, sprinkle some fresh garlic on top, and toast it in the oven for 10 minutes. 

If I’m in the mood for wine, I’ll pour a nice glass of cold Sancerre or a glass of 10 Mile Bridge, my current favorite red table wine. Simple and delicious! Add a bit of Tony’s Chocolonely for dessert (I recommend the Milk Chocolate Hazelnut) and you’ll really be set.

After everyone is fed and my son is tucked into bed, I'll pick up a book and settle in my room since it's early-to-bed season. I recently finished Cultish: The Language of Fanaticism by Amanda Montell. I'd recommend it to any person who enjoys exploring the ways in which cultish language dominates so much of our daily digital life in America. I particularly liked learning about the phrase "thought terminating cliché." I'll let you read it and discover what that is!


Last but not least, I'm currently gravitating towards our Burma print in Lyford. Its shades of warm brown, coral pink, off-white, and tan are reminiscent of the changing colors of the coziest season.


Warm weather will be back before we know it.

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